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Digital strategy & transformation 


Disruptive technology, digital transformation and digital innovation are reconfiguring the entire digital panorama with resounding effects that encompass both corporate performance and the entire organisation. To obtain effective results, integration is necessary: technology, innovation and strategy.


Digital strategy 


Digital disruptions are too many and their combinations are creating even more radical changes across corporate performances. This will create new and exciting opportunities to grow businesses and tackle social issues. Going beyond technologies, a real digital strategy shall leverage on the most valuable human abilities such us emotions and intuition, to strategise not only “what is” and “how to improve”, but rather “what might be” and “why”.




The global context


More than 2 out of 3 digital strategies fail in achieving their final goals, and in most cases this is due to the absence of a strong top-down vision clearly explaining “what”, “how” and particularly “why” to the whole organisation.

Less than 10% of corporate and business unit strategies are developed embedding from the very beginning digital as a key internal and external force. These companies are able to run multi-disciplinary strategy planning process, combining empowerment, flexibility, collaboration and quantitative decision making, obtaining a 2 out of 3 successful rate.


Our unique approach

We have decades of experience supporting top-management in defining, formalising and communicating their strategic vision within organisation and externally. Furthermore, we have experience in planning and managing large change management programs enabled by an effective permeation of executives’ vision and strategy pillars throughout the organisation. We boast a fully independence from digital and technology providers, providing the highest reliable and fair advice.


Our services


  • Enabling corporate and business unit strategies through digital, via:

    • scouting of digital enablers

    • identification of innovation levers

    • digital safari

  • New technology adoption strategy

  • New digital business model ideation and test

  • Digital transformation & transition leadership strategy

  • Digital decision support system




The global context


One of the consequences of digital is the creation of markets with low barriers to entry, with many small players thrive to crack the market. For all companies that are focused on product leadership, speed in innovation programs and talent retention, as well as being able to steer digital within the organisation, are all keys levers for faster early market entry and get premium prices and larger market share.

Experience teaches that establishing an open ecosystem and its related interconnections are key factors, that bring acceleration of digital transformation. Interconnected companies, at digital and ecosystem level, proved to have higher probability of success (>70%) compared to more isolated ones (<10%). Such organisations demonstrated to have many and different prerogatives, as employee-centered organisation able to attract and retain talents, “inside-out” approaches to gain a privileged vision on external world, creation of independent and disclosed new digital brands, industrialisation of innovation transfer from prototypes to market, and adoption of business and performance metrics (KPIs) different from business as usual.


Our unique approach


We have decades of experience in supporting companies engaged in product innovation and leadership programs, as rapid go-to-market strategies to acquire product leadership and market shares, fast identification of threats as new-comers and digital disruptors, and talent management.

Furthermore, we have a long successful track-record in managing corporate reorganisation and governance topics with focus not only on innovation, but also on the development of useful human abilities needed to successfully run digital transformation. We are leaders in definition of talent acquisition and retention programs and we have also access to database for partners or competencies within external SMEs and startups.

Our services

  • Creation of an open innovation ecosystem

  • Digital competence and service center set up

  • Digital talent fulfilment and on-boarding

  • Info-driven organisation and analytics strategy

  • Set-up of a zero-based digital organisation

  • Digitalisation and automation of workforce

  • Digital fulfilment ecosystem and supply chain set-up

  • Digital finance process and tools

  • Protection, trust and security




The global context


The right approach to customer experience is highly dependent on technology more than ever. This is particular important for businesses in which high cost of acquisition makes it imperative to gain large share of wallet, leveraging on superlative customer relationship management. Companies that dominate, such us Amazon and Google, concentrate on technology easy-of-use. Their businesses started by hiring usability consultants and implementing user-centered design process as we recognise today. Companies needs to build a culture of empowerment and emotional connection. When technology is poorly implemented or used, it becomes a major barrier and a part of the problem rather than a path to solution. Companies often fails in making the technology transparent to the customer and in using it to seamlessly deliver the product (or service) that the customer desires. Common roadblocks are absence of both strategies to make the evolution of technology a positive experience for all parties, internal and external, and right metrics to make technology a facilitator, rather than a barrier to customer experience.


Our unique approach



Our services


  • New value propositions design

  • Most value added product development

  • Superior customer journey and experience

  • Advanced marketing and analytics strategy

  • New connected and shared products and services




The global context

Capital intensive businesses and infrastructure based ones shall leverage on operational excellence to achieve economies of scale and lower the unit costs. New technologies and digital are key to explore new forms of operational excellence and outpace competition with standardisation, predictability and efficiency. Connected device and IoT are providing paramount quantity of data to feed artificial intelligence tools and analytics systems supposed to streamline and optimise operations. In this sense, data reliability is key to perform real and effective digital and automated operations. Anyway, as a matter of facts, less than 5% of corporate datasets are reliable in more than 90% of cases.

Our unique approach

We have a large experience supporting clients focused on complex and capital intensive businesses, as the infrastructure ones. We have a successful track record of cases in which we supported clients in running cost-efficiency programs, to help them in battle for scale in rapid consolidating markets. Furthermore, we have historical presence within the manufacture industry, where we supported Italian and foreign companies in improving performance and in increasing their competitiveness by leverage on data-centric organisations and culture.


Our services

  • Industry 4.0 and smart operations

  • Back-office digitalization and automation

  • IoT, analytics and artificial intelligence

  • Platform economy & ecosystem




The global context


More than 3 out of 4 digital transformation programs fails or create mediocre performance improvements that do not match with executives and shareholders expectations. Problems aligning communication between IT and business teams, as well as legacy integration and talent earmarked are cited as major bottlenecks. Human abilities such as emotion, behaviour, lateral thinking and flexibility have to be enabled during the transformation program. In this light, well managed processes and collaborations between business units and technology department can have a huge positive impact.

Our unique approach

We have a unique track record of successful change management projects in which we helped clients in carrying out large organisation transformation processes. We provided to executives the right expertise and tools to create and manage a “culture of change” which is key for the successful conclusion of transformation initiatives. We worked closely with the different business teams and ICT departments to create collaboration and a wise attribution of responsibilities.


Our services


  • Transformation journey design and set-up

  • Identification of key skills and capabilities for the transformation

  • Definition of suitable organisation and processes to management all needed changes

  • Stakeholder engagement, PMO and steering process management

  • Creation and management of innovation ecosystem

  • Partners, technologies and patents management

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