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Internationalisation strategy 


Broadening Horizons


Globalisation, change, competition. 

At this point, no organisation is exempt from these challenges. For many of them, the field of action is no longer a specific geographical area, but the entire globe. today, everyone must broaden their horizons and extend their vision to identify new opportunities for growth and development. 




Thank to its unique capability of viewing business from a broad- ranging, international perspective, Consulenti Italiani Business works alongside companies to guide them in recognising and changing the rules of the game so that they can become more competitive. 

Each internationalisation project makes full use of the vital assets of a company with the goal of obtaining growing returns on invested capital and capturing profits outside the usual geographical borders.


Research and interaction

The initiatives are led by professionals from Consulenti Italiani Business in partnership with the client in full compliance with the latter’s mission, approach and strategic orientation. In fact, a company’s foreign market penetration strategy must be coherent with its overall strategy and cultural values.

Our approach to foreign markets is always based on research and interaction with opinion leaders and key players in the country, market and sector to rapidly develop a sense of the essential themes and strategic questions in a given geographical area, market or country in order to significantly lower the costs of entry.

The services we offer can be grouped into two broad areas:


  1. Supporting companies in penetrating a foreign market. This service includes:

  • Intelligence and feasibility studies on a country level (including scheduling and management of business meetings);

  • Partner search and networking;

  • Organising and management of top-level on-site study meetings;

  • Scouting, strategic audit and assistance for mergers and acquisitions;

  • Planning and assistance in creating international expansion strategies;

  • International marketing plans and sales improvement plans;

  • E-commerce on an international level;

  • Local management selection;

  • In-depth intelligence services: highly-detailed reports (including psychological) on partners, agents, salesmen, clients, suppliers, competitors and management of target companies for acquisition. This service is tailor-made to specific client requirements and requests.


2) Improving the competitiveness of a company so that it will be more effective and efficient on an international level.

This service includes:

  • Designing international organisations and systems to improve performance (efficacy and efficiency);

  • Improving international organisational functioning through the use of the Net;

  • Improving management’s international competencies;

  • Improving skills in creating innovation from international presence;

  • Programs of familiarisation with foreign cultures (cross cultural management).

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