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Building reality, structuring successful behaviours.

One of our most important tasks is that of “portraying” reality, interpreting the changes of every type currently in progress. In short, building scenarios through a 360° approach based on detailed analysis of the historical, social and economic aspects of the reality surrounding us. Only in this way is it possible to have a profound view of the world. And act accordingly. What does “act accordingly” mean? It means developing innovative strategies that make it possible to translate choices into results, immediately. Those who do not do this risk simply “weathering” change and being swamped by it. For this reason, in the strategy formulation process, we must apply our creative abilities to their fullest extent.

Among these is undoubtedly the need to build a team that is highly-motivated to produce new ideas, a team that is culturally varied and which loves a challenge.

Being up with the times is crucial.


Scenarios (Management Consulting)

Offering the keys to understanding the complexity of the world around us. Stimulating a view of reality that is different and more profound. This is the ambitious goal of Consulenti Italiani Business

The principles around which Consulenti Italiani Business bases its activity are independence, continuous striving for excellence, professionalism, integrity and dignity. The approach of Consulenti Italiani Business to each and every one of its projects is a pragmatic one that develops precise studies on a solid scientific basis. All information is verified using our exclusive quantitative and numeric simulation method in which the impacts and spin-offs of actions on major indicators (GDP, taxes, employment, investment, costs and productivity) are simulated, with the goal of providing our clients the tools they need to fully understand and manage the subject of the study.

Each project includes the exclusive involvement of eminent international experts on the issue involved who interact with and are supported by Consulenti Italiani Business research team.


Performing a scenario study 



For each scenario project, Consulenti Italiani Business - which over the years has built its own network at the highest levels - uses an exclusive multi-level methodology it developed itself which includes:


  1. regular meetings of the Advisory Board, a specially-created body that involves leading international experts on the issue involved. These experts could include leading businessmen, heads of government, Nobel laureates and opinion leaders who work in close collaboration with the professionals of Consulenti Italiani Business to gather their authoritative views and suggestions;

  2. interviews with prominent individuals from the society at-large and key players from the political and business worlds from both Italy and internationally (opinion leaders, businessmen, representatives of government and media personalities) to develop a rapid understanding of the key issues involved;

  3. structured questionnaires/surveys of the public and/or the reference target;

  4. benchmarking with major foreign sources in order to evaluate successful cases and any best practices that could be adapted and imported into an international context;

  5. analytical studies by Consulenti Italiani Business working group, which also take the form of gathering and processing of key information (documentation, publications, research studies, etc.) from authoritative national and international sources, applicable to the issues of the scenario being developed.


Three major areas of study 

Consulenti Italiani Business develops scenario projects on:

1) Major contemporary themes: The Challenges for Italy and Europe in a Globalised World

The center of gravity of economic development continues to shift towards the Far East-North American axis, while Europe in recent years has lost much of its competitive capacity primarily due to a job market that is too rigid, lack of investment in R&D and education, the small size of its companies, an aeging population and low birth rates.


The Old World risks becoming increasingly relegated to the fringe of the economic system, and this also includes Italy. Therefore, the challenge to be faced is that of growth which encompasses a number of aspects, including infrastructure, liberalisation, governance, innovation, knowledge and cultural integration. On these and other themes, Consulenti Italiani Business formulates recommendations and concrete suggestions with the goal of solving specific problems.


2) Development and Competitiveness of Local Economies

GlobaliSation means competition among local economic systems on all levels. Every local economy (national, regional or provincial)—just like every business—must compete with their counterparts around the world to attract human and financial resources. Therefore, it is essential that the right answers be found for questions such as:


  • Why should a company locate here?

  • Why should a company already present in the area decide to remain?

  • Why should a taxpayer or a family decide to live and pay taxes here?

  • Why should a tourist decide to visit here?

  • Why should talented employees decide to work here?

  • Why should a student decide to study here?


The challenge local economic systems must take on starts from here. But the development of a local economy cannot be left to chance. It requires starting from defining a vision—the prefiguring of an optimal situation—and then developing measurable goals and coordinated actions for implementation that are aimed at creating all the conditions for establishing in the local area competences of excellence and which are competitive over the medium-to-long term.

Therefore, it is necessary to know and understand the area by simultaneously undertaking initiatives involving the three aspects of local competition:

a) social

b) economic

c) urban planning


Over the years, Consulenti Italiani Business has developed a specific methodology of research and action involving the key issues of local competitiveness, both on a national and specifically local level.


3) Themes of Specific Client Interest

Consulenti Italiani Business offers its unique tradition of experience and expertise regarding specific areas of interest to clients.


The final results 

Special attention is also given to the promulgation of the results of a scenario study, as well as how the results are spread and, if requested, a communication conceived and “customised” is also designed together with the client in order to maximise the efficacy of the project.

The studies are developed on a number of levels in order to satisfy the information needs of the different types of target groups. Specifically:


  • Research Concept (a single page organised in the form of a flow chart in which the main aspects and results are summarised);

  • Synthesis of the 10 main findings;

  • The complete study.

If requested by the client, to maximise the communicational impact of a study, Consulenti Italiani Business drawing on its acknowledged expertise in organising conferences and events at the highest level - can organise forums and roadshows of high media impact to present and spread the study findings. 



Our areas of focus 

- Authorities 

  • Local competition 

  • Communication

  • Energy 

  • Europe 

  • Agricultural and nutritional food chain 

  • Infrastructure, Rail, Ports and Airports

  • Fashion 

  • Healthcare and pharmaceuticals

  • Real Estate

  • Tourism and culture 

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