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Public administration and associations 


In defence of public property 

Given the current context of limited economic resources, the public Administration is called upon to maximise its efforts to transform itself into models of good management of public property. Consulenti Italiani Business, with its consulting services for local development, can be a part of this. 

Reference context 

In recent years, the evolution of the Public Administration has seen a number of interesting developments, including the creation of forms of decentralisation of authority, operational flexibility, orientation towards performance and development of productivity.

Despite this, however, the high level of competitiveness and scarcity of economic resources available to local government make it difficult to attract quality resources and talent. Therefore, it becomes fundamental for even a public entity to be highly-attentive to its choices, define proper strategies, maintain close control over spending and build on its own reputation.

In short, both on a national and local level, the Public Administration must redefine competencies as well as how it works, how it provides services and how it manages costs and communication with the goal of guaranteeing a proper level of service that is inspired by criteria of flexibility, efficacy, efficiency, quality, transparency and cost-effectiveness.



Consulenti Italiani Business consulting services for local development involve numerous stakeholders and are aimed at all levels of government and public bodies, both national and local, and include:


  • Competitive development strategies on a national, regional, state or local level, as well as for other territorial entities.

  • Planning of public sector development policies and production facilities.

  • Analysis, scouting and research into investors to attract investment and business facilities to the area.

  • Creation of investment initiative business plans (design of initiative and evaluation business system).

  • Assistance in creating strategic relations with investors, competence centers and businesses.

  • Design of vertical, sector-related policies and strategies.

  • Strategic governing, monitoring of vertical sector-related policies and strategies (economic, social, cultural, tourist and environmental development, technological innovation, e-government, time and work flows requirements, etc.).

  • Design of public policy financing models.

  • Planning of technology transfer models.

  • Drawing up of ICT (Information and Communications Technology) governance.

  • Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the impact of public policies, including those which support business.

  • Optimisation of the mission and organisation of public bodies, design of their governance processes, programs for the start/end of terms of office, social budget, activities involving key internal public administration processes.

  • Surveys on citizen and business needs and satisfaction levels.

  • Creation of on-going services to businesses, including export and internationalisation support services.

  • Strategic and operational planning for public communications.

  • Cultural reorientation and change management initiatives.


A dynamic approach


To best analyse the complexity of local systems and identify the most appropriate drivers, Consulenti Italiani Business utilises its own dynamic simulation tools (Systems Dynamics) that provide the keys to analysis to monitor and highlight the trend in variables on the basis of specific choices and policies.

This method makes it possible to take on the specific situation of a local area by intervening on the causes behind problems, and not just the effects.

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