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Industry, organisation & development 

The secret to success.

What is the secret to success for a business? The answer to this question is not at all an easy one because many variables are involved. But there is one that sums it up fairly precisely, and that is ‘value’. A company that creates value is a successful company. And how does it create it? First of all, making the right decision within a complex context. Decision that will become strategies and industrial policies that Consulenti Italiani Business has the means and expertise to provide support for. A business works, is successful and creates value. If it generates a profit higher than its costs. For an Italian company active within the domestic or foreign markets, or a foreign company doing business in Italy, mastering this type of business and logic and, if possible, putting it into practice, means competing at the highest level. 


Industrial and strategic policies 

Continuous competition.

Challenges are never-ending, especially within the international business context. This means top management must be efficient and clear-headed in making the right decisions on an on-going basis. 

Reference context 

Increasing competitiveness within a highly-challenging environment means making strategic choices that can even involve the structure of the company itself.

Managers of top-level, international organisations—of all kinds, sizes and industrial sector—must be able to make frequent decisions, even complex ones, about their industrial structure that include:

a) level of vertical integration of their processes (make or buy);

b) outsourcing choices (which phase, from what source, where, what type of integration, etc.);

c) offshore production choices and delocalisation in foreign countries with lower labor costs or specialised skills;

d) organisational methods for revising processes within a network of players (operational processes, required skills, support technologies, etc.);

e) ways of aligning the entire supply chain making up the system to the company’s strategic goals;

f) economic, social and environmental impact of a company’s manufacturing choices.




Over the years, Consulenti Italiani Business has developed vast experience in developing effective industrial strategies and policies, working alongside the top management of many Italian companies with the support of models used previously with American and Anglo-Saxon multinationals. The starting point of every project is to safeguard the patrimony of knowledge, resources and professionalism Italy possesses with its strong and vibrant manufacturing sector through which it still plays a leadership role on a global level.

The industrial management and strategy services to create corporate value offered by Consulenti Italiani Business include:

  • diagnosis of the industrial system and the extent to which it coheres with the strategic goals of development and competitiveness;

  • diagnosis and definition of a process of improvement for optimising a company’s overall supply chain and creating a “first-in-class” supply chain;

  • improvement in innovation processes, new product development, industrialisation and link to downstream production processes;

  • choices involving internationalisation of production and new industrial frameworks on the basis of the company’s own strategy and market opportunities (in versus outsourcing and in versus offshoring);

  • definition of new organisational models and structures in industrial spheres (research and development, technical areas, production, logistics, purchasing and distribution);

  • training and development of skills and methods in lean manufacturing, value stream management, just in time, etc.;

  • organisation of programs of study and analysis involving examples of the most forward-looking companies and best practices in Italy and abroad: study tours and benchmarking programs;

  • assistance in preparing and formulating medium-to-long term industrial plans designed to implement new industrial choices made involving productivity, product costs and margins, levels of working capital and actual levels of service;

  • other projects designed with and for our clients.


Consulenti Italiani Business services are designed for:


  • Italian industrial and manufacturing companies that operate both in Italy and abroad;

  • foreign companies that have production facilities or intend organising them in Italy;

  • service companies with operational difficulties who could gain advantage from examining manufacturing companies (for example, customer operations units, call and contact centers, etc.).


Industrial plans and implementation


The target of businesses 

Creating value is the primary (perhaps even only?) goal of every company. It brings together all other economic indicators and summarises them, providing the perfect profile of success or lack of it. But when does value exists?


Reference context 

Businesses thrive on projects. Metaphorically speaking, projects are the trains that move along the tracks of strategy and allow companies to achieve their goals.

Our skill lies in being able to give concrete form to our clients’ projects, helping them to focus on business metrics, long-term economic and financial results and organisational aspects to create a tangible bridge between the current situation and what is hoped for in the future. 

Whether a simple choice of whether to make or buy, the opportunity for a new production location or the creation of an entire industrial plan, the projects must be conceived, quantified, formalised, approved, “financed” and monitored.

Our special expertise lies in the ability to balance both technical/economic and organisational aspects, fully cognisant that what really counts is not just the strategic value of a project, but the organisational energy with which it is pursued.

In fact, project recipients (whether top management or corporate managers, banks or potential partners and investors that need to be persuaded) are always interested in understanding not just the rationale of a project, but also the driving force behind its implementation.

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